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Product Name : Polyester Film - Axial Type
Product Introduction
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Dielectric:Metallized Polyester film
Winding:Non-inductive type
Protection:Polyester wrapping and epoxy resin filled
Lead style:
1) TC:Tinned copper wire
2) PC:PVC insulation wire
Marking:Manufacturer’s logo, capacitance, tolerance, rated voltage, date code, approvals, series, operating temperature, rated frequency.
  • Rated Capacitance (Cr): 0.1μ~100μF
  • Rated Voltage (RV): 125VAC~400VAC (for AC application) 250VDC~1000VDC (for DC application)
  • Capacitance tolerance (at 1KHZ): ±5%(J), ±10%(K), +10-5 %(U). Other tolerances upon request
  • Operating temperature range:
    Min. temperatures:-40℃, -25℃
    Max. temperatures:+70℃, +85℃
  • Withstand voltage (at 25±5℃):
    a)Between terminals:1.75×RV for 1~10Sec.
    During this test, self-healing are allowed.
    b)Between terminals and coverage:2RV+1KV(2000V Min.) for 2~60Sec.
  • Insulation Resistance (Rins):
    Measured at 100VDC, 60 Sec, 25±5℃
    Rins≧1000MΩ.μF (for AC application) Rins≧10×103MΩ.μF (for DC application)
  • Dissipation Factor (DF):tanδ
    Measured at 25±5℃, 1KHZ