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Product Name : Fan Capacitor - Stand&Wall Fan
Product Introduction
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Dielectric:Metallized Polypropylene or Polyester film
Winding:Non-inductive type
Protection:Epoxy resin filled
BO type  Rectangular Plastic Case
BL type  With mounting plates in case
BT type  With mounting metal plates on top of case
BR type  Round plastic case
RO type  Round Aluminum can
AXIAL type  Axial lead and tape wrapped
Lead style:
TC  Tinned copper wire
PC  PVC insulation wire
ST  Soldering terminals
FT  Fast-on terminals
  • For Stand and Pedestal Fan
  • For Wall Fan
  • For Ceiling Fan
  • For Exhaust and Drawing Fan
  • Rated Capacitance (Cr):
  • Rated Voltage (RV):
  • Capacitance tolerance (at 1KHZ):
    ±5%(J), ±10%(K), +10/-5%(U),
    Other tolerance upon request
  • Operating temperature range:
    Min. temperatures:-40℃, -25℃
    Max. temperatures:+70℃, +85℃
  • Withstand voltage (at 25±5℃):
    a)Between terminals:1.75×RV for 10Sec.
        No flashover or permanent breakdown shall occur, but self-healing are allowed.
    b)Between terminals and case:2RV+1KV(2000V Min.) for 2~60Sec.
        During this test, no dielectric breakdown or flashover shall occur.
  • Insulation Resistance (Rins):
    Measured between terminals at 25±5℃, after 1 minute of electrification at 100VDC
  • Dissipation Factor (DF):
    tanδ, measured at 25±5℃, 1KHZ
  • Endurance Test:
    Test conditions
    Temperature:The maximum permissible capacitor operating temp
    Voltage applied:1.25RV continuous
    During this test, no permanent breakdown, interruption or flashover shall occur.
    Capacitance change(△C/C):≦±3%
  • Damp-heat Test:
    Test conditions
    Relative humidity:90~95%
    Test duration:1000±24h
    Capacitance change(△C/C):≦±0.5%