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What is a Motor Capacitor ? What Does A Motor Capacitor Do ?

A motor capacitor is also called a motor condenser, which serves as an electrical component designed to modify the current flowing through one or more windings of a single-phase alternating-current (AC) induction motor, ultimately generating a rotating magnetic field. This critical function facilitates the operation of various electrical appliances, including air conditioners, hot tubs or jacuzzi spa pumps, powered gates, and forced-air heat furnaces.

There are primarily two types of motor capacitors: the start capacitor and the run capacitor, the last one includes a dual run capacitor. LUNGCHEN offers both capacitors for you to choose from. Winding with Metallized Polypropylene Film. With self-healing performance, low loss factor, good temperature resistance, etc.

  • Capacity range: 0.5 ~ 150uF
  • Voltage range: 250 ~ 500VAC

Moreover, our series of motor condensers can be used for more sophisticated motor industry applications, such as household appliance motors, industrial fan motors, submersible / drain pumps, and more. Welcome to contact us.

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