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Product Name : Polyester Film - Box Type
Product Introduction
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Dielectric:Metallized Polyester film
Winding:Non-inductive type
Protection:Plastic case and epoxy resin filled
1) BO type:Rectangular Plastic Case
2) BL type:With mounting plates in case
3) BT type:With mounting metal plates on top of case
Lead style:
1) TC:Tinned copper wire
2) PC:PVC insulation wire
3) ST:Soldering terminals
4) FT:Fast-on terminals
  • Rated Capacitance (Cr):
  • Rated Voltage (RV):
    125VAC~ 600VAC (for AC application)
    250VDC~1800VDC (for DC application)
  • Capacitance tolerance (at 1KHZ):
    ±5%(J), ±10%(K), +10-5 %(U),
    Other tolerance upon request
  • Operating temperature range:
    Min. temperatures:-40℃, -25℃
    Max. temperatures:+70℃, +85℃
  • Withstand voltage (at 25±5℃):
    a)Between terminals:1.75×RV for 10Sec.
    No flashover or permanent breakdown shall occur, but self-healing are allowed.
    b)Between terminals and case:2RV+1KV(2000V Min.) for 2~60Sec.
    During this test, no dielectric breakdown or flashover shall occur.
  • Insulation Resistance (Rins):
    Measured between terminals at 25±5℃, after 1 minute of electrification at 100VDC
    Rins≧1000MΩ.μF (for AC application)
    Rins≧10×103MΩ.μF (for DC application)
    Or τ≧10000s (time constantτ=Cr×Rins)
  • Dissipation Factor (DF):
    tanδ, measured at 25±5℃, 1KHZ
  • Endurance Test:
    Test conditions
    Temperature:The maximum permissible capacitor operating temp
    Voltage applied:1.25RV continuous
    During this test, no permanent breakdown, interruption or flashover shall occur.
    Capacitance change(△C/C):≦±3%
  • Damp-heat Test:
    Test conditions
    Relative humidity:90~95%
    Test duration:1000±24h
    Capacitance change(△C/C):≦±0.5%